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The January AI Season of Me program pinpoints the foods that work for your body, taking the guesswork out of weight loss, blood sugar control, and eating well.

Wear a heart rate monitor + CGM (continuous glucose monitor), then log what you eat. January’s AI does the rest.

How it works

Step 1
Complete easy challenges
Step 2
Let our AI crunch the data
Step 3
Get your personal insights
Step 4
Make simple, powerful changes

See your unique
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A CGM attaches painlessly to the back of your arm, and measures your blood sugar, 24/7.

Expect to be surprised. Some “healthy” foods may be causing spikes. Some “off limits” foods may be fine for you.

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The January App

Access the Season of Me program through our mobile app, giving you a clear picture of your health inside and out.

Hear from our users

After only 30 days of Season of me, I know so much about myself, and I'm dropping weight quickly! Losing two pounds a week without sacrifices? It's great!

This program showed me things I eat that must have been spiking my blood sugar for 20 years! With pretty simple changes, I’ve opened a new chapter in my health.

Every year I’d get a blood test and hear, ‘You’re prediabetic.’ Getting healthier with Season of Me took that load off of my mind. I’m 39 and literally in the best shape of my life.

Ensure your
healthy future

Uncontrolled blood sugar contributes to a wide range of conditions and chronic diseases. The key to prevention? Learn about yourself and improve a little every day.

Our Philosophy

At January, we believe every day is a fresh start to become a better you. By taking some time to learn about ourselves and improving a little every day, we can live healthy and happy lives, free from chronic diseases.

That’s why we designed the Season of Me — the quickest way to learn what works for your health and build it into your life.