January.ai | Optimize your blood sugar intelligently

Better for everyone

When you provide January to your population, they get healthier and you save big — now, and over time.


Diabetes is one of the most expensive chronic diseases

As a Payer, you don’t have to be told about the toll chronic conditions take on you and your members. Improved management of blood sugar slows down organ damage and development of comorbidities, reducing costly medications and painful side effects.

Begin a new season of health in your population

Everyone wants to be healthy, but few know how. January’s clinically-backed Season of Me program takes your members on an engaging journey of self-discovery and positive behavior change. For the first two weeks, members try doctor-approved food and lifestyle experiments that teach them how their blood sugar reacts to different strategies. For the next two weeks, January uses cutting-edge behavioral psychology to help them integrate these insights into their daily routine. The result of the program is each person gaining more agency over their health and reversing metabolic damage.

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The January App

Your population will experience the Season of Me program through our mobile app, effortlessly combining previously disparate data and providing just in time recommendations to manage their blood sugar.

Behavior Change that lasts. Results that save.

Deploy January across your population and let each member experience the benefits of healthcare for the 21st century.